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Annual Dues payments are now due

The annual dues remain at $475/year and are due by December 30, 2015. We have an excellent record of on-time payment in our neighborhood, and the Board members really appreciate that almost everyone pays their dues on time. Thanks! Please remember that dues paid after December 30, 2015 are late; any dues not paid in full by January 30, 2016 will be assessed a late fee.

You may pay your dues online at:


Please contact our management company, Spectrum Association Management, if you have any questions or expect any problems paying the annual dues.

January Board Meeting

The January Board Meeting will be at 6:30PM on January 28th at the on League City Parkway.

The subject of the meeting is general business of the Association, including discussion of items related to the Association budget and expenditures.
Items that may be discussed in executive session include actions involving personnel, pending or threatened litigation, contract negotiations, enforcement actions, confidential communications with the Association attorney, matters involving invasion of privacy of owners, and other matters that are confidential by request of an affected party and agreement of the Board.

Any owner is welcome to attend the meeting, but if you would like to address the Board on a particular subject, please notify Bart Jones in advance at bjones@spectrumam.com.


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